Aeronautical and Cartography Skill
We are in position to provide the industry with various products and expertise assistance and consultation in Aeronautical and Geo-information Services.

Aeronautical Data skill
  • Airport Database
  • Aeronautical Database
  • Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)
  • Electronic of Aeronautical Data Information Publication (e-ADIP)
  • Aeronautical Website
Cartography Charting skill  
  • Aerodrome Chart (AD)
  • Aerodrome Parking Chart (ADP)
  • Aerodrome Obstacle Chart (ADO)
  • Standard Instrument Departure Chart (SID)
  • Standard Instrument Arrival Chart (STAR)
  • Instrument Approach Procedure Chart (IAP)
  • Terminal Area Chart (TMA)
  • IFR H/L En-route Chart (ENRC)
  • VFR Route Chart (VFRC)
  • Word Aeronautical Chart (WAC)
  • Operational Navigation Chart (ONC)
  • Sectional Navigation Chart (SNC)
Computer Programming skill  
  • Operation Control Center (OCC)
  • Air Operator Management Report
  • Aircraft Maintenance Report
  • Interactive Cockpit and Aircraft Computer
  • Pilot LOGBOOK
  • Electronic Office (e-Office)
Electronic of AIP  
  • Indonesia AIP 7th Edition
  • Indonesia AIP Control Program
  • e-AIP (AIS Automation)

Geographic Information & GIS Programming

Non Aeronautical Division:
Indoavis Non Aviation Services (INDOAVIS-NAS)

Presently, the main core of Indoavis product has been on those Information related to support the aviation. This will be enhanced to broader market (non aviation services). These will be done through Regional Integrated / Interactive cooperation, where the product would be presented visually (Hard, Soft and Audio Visual copy) as well as thematic Maps, three (3) dimensional (3D) in a Interactive from of presentation.

The Non-Aviation Division will be able to prepare, present and reveal/expose all regional potentials maximally, communicative, accurate, direct to the point, effective and efficient.

The aforementioned will cover amongst others: The General map of development objectives and investment opportunities.

Product samples: