IFR En-route H/L Chart

Manufacturer : Indoavis (Indonesia)  
Coverage :
Indoavis En-Route chart is intended for flight operations in Indonesia with scope covers the territory of Indonesia, divided into two pieces INA1 and INA2
• Sheet INA1 covers an area of ​​western Indonesia, and parts of Malaysia, Singapore.
• Sheet INA2 covers an area of ​​western Indonesia, Brunei and Timor Leste.
Information :

Indoavis IFR HIGH/LOW ALTITUDE ENROUTE CHART are compiled and constructed using the best available aeronautical reference charts. Most Indoavis Enroute Charts use the Mercator projection. The design is intended primarily for airway instrument navigation to be referenced to cockpit instruments. Charts are identified by code letters for Indonesia only areas covered by a series, by parenthetical letters for the altitude coverage, and by numbers for the individual chart. For example, INA-1 / INA2 is a chart of the Indonesia series covering both high and low altitude operations and is number 2 of the series.

Aeronautical :
1. Limit and Clarification of Designated Upper Airspace.
2. Airspace structure and Airspace Restricted Areas
3. Aerodrome point
4. Cruising Levels, Navigation Aids
6. Radio Communication Frequencies within indonesia
7. International and Domestic Route.
8. Bearing and Distance to point
9. FIS frequencies
Topograpichal :
Basic sea line is from digital chart of the world (DCW)
Doc. Reference :
Annex-4 (Aeronautical Chart)
Doc-8697 (Aeronautical Chart Manual)
Remarks :

List Chart
List Chart on Product :
NO CODE Chart Name Location Edition EFF Date
1. ENR-INA-1 IFR H/L En-Route Chart Western INA Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur 2023-02/24 02 Nov 2023
2. ENR-INA-2 IFR H/L En-Route Chart Eastern INA Ujung Pandang, Kota Kinabalu, Manila FIR and Darwin TMA 2023-02/24 02 Nov 2023