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Indoavis Nusantara
Specialist in Geo-Informatics and Aeronautical Navigation Services

PT INDOAVIS NUSANTARA, as an Indonesian National Company, has for 15 (fifteen) years, experience in Geo Informatics and Aeronautical Navigation Support, and has proven it is ability and proven in the ability to serve the needs of the Nation. Since 1998 Indoavis has produced various Aeronautical Product and services, among others, the need of VFR Chart (the ONC and SAC), which previously the Indonesian Aviation Industry, has been heavily relying on US DOD VFR Charts.


Being Citizens who love our country and concern in realizing the Unity and Integrity of this whole Archipelagic Mother Land, hence:


The origin of “Indoavis” (Indonesia Aviation Services) dates back on December 12, 1998, when the mapping company, PT. Mapindo Parama started to provide aviation services. After the liquidation of PT. Mapindo Parama, to enhance the quality and to concentrate into the production of Aeronautical Charts and related navigation products, PT. Indoavis Nusantara (INDOAVIS) was established as a fully independent company and continued such services from 2000.

Since then, INDOAVIS has continued to develop and produce various product families not only of Aeronautical Charts, such as Air Navigation Manual, IFR En-route Charts, Operation Navigation Charts, etc., but also of navigation software/systems and services, like AIS-GIS, NAIS, FLOPS Center, etc. We also developed “Moving Map”, Electronic Aeronautical Charts on Tablet PC or PDA having GPS option. We strive to continue to be innovative in aviation industry by introducing the latest information technologies.


In 2004, Indoavis has been requested by the Indonesia government (DGCA) to create the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) 7th Edition of Indonesia. The Indonesian Airforce has been supplied with FLIP (Flight Information Publication), off all military airport by Indoavis.

Oil company operating in Indonesia requested to provide Helicopter procedure for the landing procedure scale 1:125.000.

Also been entrusted by German Lido Lufthansa to supply GIS on all Airport World wide, The Indoavis Product and services has served Indonesia and surrounding countries, be it the Government, Private and Oil Companies.


The Qatar AIS, has request Indoavis of the possibility to Generate The Qatar Aeronautical Chart-ICAO 1:500.000, and we are very pleased to attend to the request. For further details, please visit our website http://www.indoavis.co.id.

Indoavis Nusantara,PT
Type : Private Company
Slogan : Geo-informatics and Aeronautical Navigation Services
Motto : Your Safety is our mission
Industry : Aeronautical Information, Mapping, logistics, Aviation optimization
Founded : 1998
Founders : B. Hendra Andi Londy
Headquarters : Jl. Gempol Gg. Makmur No.73 Rt.007/RW.02
Kel. Ceger Kec. Cipayung Jakarta Timur (13820), INDONESIA
Products : Navigational information, operations planning tools, flight planning products, Aviation software
Phone : (62.21) 22-876-341
Mobile : 0822-1181-8809
Company email: info@indoavis.co.id
Marketing email: marketing@indoavis.co.id
Website : http://www.indoavis.co.id